Stage 2

Cove Dimensions
W 14.3m x L 20.2m x H 7m
W 47ft x L 66ft x H 22ft height
290 m2 / 3100 sq ft
Cove Depth 1.2m / 4ft

Production Area
14.3m x 8m
115 m2 / 1250 sq ft

Bacht automated floating ceiling system
8x Skylights with remote blackout blinds

1x 125A 3 phase
1x 63A 3 phase
1x 125A single
2x 63A single
6x 16A single

** Please note: 3-phase and Powerlock outlets can only be used in one studio at a time. Single phase sockets are available to use simultaneously in both studios **

** Power lock 250A 3 phase - External generator ( 160kw or 200kw ) must be requested in advance **

Floor Plan